• Your home or business will be a lethal place for insects, but safe for people and pets.

  • We guarantee our treatments for common, crawling insects for 1 year.

  • Special need's pests such as fleas, bedbugs, flying insects, rodents, and pests harboring in walls can be controlled for an additional fee.

  • We are not responsible for structural issues or sanitation conditions.

  • Prices start at $375 for homes and business 2,000 sq. ft.

  • Prices vary according to square footage, construction type, location, and pests treated.


When we started Nature’s Way our mission was to combine modern knowledge with ancient wisdom to offer an alternative to conventional, synthetic pest control. Our unique, proprietary programs are the right science for your home, your lawn, your pets and the planet. Join the thousands of customers we have switched to Nature’s Way.

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We are licensed by the State of Florida for full-service pest control and to manufacture / distribute our own line of natural pest-control products.

  • Insects cannot develop immunity to our natural products.

  • Our products outlast and outperform their synthetic counterparts.

  • Safe and natural.

  • All of our products are made from the pure goodness of nature.

  • We treat all cracks and crevices where insects hide.

  • We use state-of-the-art equipment to apply our proprietary mineral blends in a fine, almost invisible film.

  • Our products are lethal to insects; yet safe for people and pets.

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Program Details:

Why Go Natural?

We offer you a 1 year warranty on our treatments, and will retreat any area of concern you have until you’re satisfied. The warranty remains in place as long as the premises stay well-maintained at acceptable levels of sanitation. The warranty does not cover special needs pests that you introduce into the home such as fleas, ticks, bed bugs, flying insects, stored product pests, some types of invasive ants species, mammals, snakes and wood-destroying organism. You don’t have to panic. We have inexpensive, safe, and effective treatment plans for any pests of concern outside of our normal treatment plan scope.

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