In 1999, when we started Nature's Way, our mission was to use a blend of modern
knowledge and ancient wisdom to perform safe, effective bio-rational pest control
services. Our mission today remains the same.
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We are a full service natural pest control company in NE Florida
from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach.  All our natural products are
made from the pure goodness of nature.  Join the thousands of  
customers that have made us their smart choice for pest control.
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Nature's Way Natural Pest Control, Inc., is
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Some pest control companies say they are going green; but often they are simply using  
synthetic pyrethroids or less of the conventional pest control products.

That said, the State of Florida may have the finest governmental and private, pest
control regulators, educators and operators in the entire world. The professionals in the
Florida Pest Control Industry  are for the most part, highly trained, responsible
stewards of our environment. The examinations by the Office of Entomology for State
Certification as a Pest Control Operator, (CPO), are probably the most difficult of all of
the 50 states. In addition,  most companies update their training for technicians
constantly, so conventional pest control chemicals are seldom misused in the industry.
The problem is that many conventional products are so terribly misused and overused
by uninformed homeowners that they are saturating our environment.

Note: Read the label on the pesticide container under active ingredient, (a.i.) and look
for synthetic pyrethroids.  They will be called deltamethrin, bifenthrin, cypermethrin,
etc. These are also the most common chemicals used in "Mosquito Misters".

These products are not natural.  They are environmental disasters that last much
longer than natural pyrethrum and are wrecking havoc with our ecosystems and
probably with our health and the health of our children. At Nature's Way we don't think
it is necessary to use toxic substances when natural products are so effective. Go to our
Web Page, Hazards of Common Chemicals to find out more.

When we treat your home, office or lawn, we use a combination of natural baits,
mineral dusts & powders.  We also use modern insect growth regulators (IGR), and
100% natural plant essential oils that target insects, fungi and bacteria. Pests do not
develop resistance to our long-lasting, pleasant smelling products.

We can treat insects in your home, business and lawn.  We also treat pests like fleas
and ticks that are found both inside and outside.  Our products are effective, efficient
and safe. We offer all of this at an affordable price.
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For instance, modern chemists are just beginning to unravel the extremely complicated,
been known for centuries by practitioners of Aromatherapy, Herbal Folklore and Feng
Shui.  Our natural products effectively kill and repel pests, but leave your home
smelling great and quite possibly energize your spirit and lift your mood.

We do not use any organophosphates, carbamates or organochlorides, which are the
harmful DDT-type chemicals.  We also do not use synthetic pyrethroids, which are
synthetic pyrethroids are potent nerve toxins which we feel are too broadspectrum to
safely use in the environment.
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