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Hello, we would like to introduce our line of natural pest control products. All our products are made from the pure goodness of nature by hand using local and American companies.


For the last 20 years we have used our natural products to successfully treat thousands of homes and businesses in Northeast Florida. North Florida is one of the hardest places in the country to do pest control.


It is an area literally teeming with a mix of both northern and southern bugs. Our customers love us and for years have urged us to share our products with the world. Well, here they are; our products work great and they are safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.


Our products have received the highest possible QRA, (Quantum Rating Analysis), possible from an independent lab that tests products for QRA.


This result means that our products increase the good energy around you and in your home every time you use them. A high QRA also means they can act to remove bad odors, (energy), from your home.


In fact, many of our customers love the fresh, clean smell of our products and use our products as an air freshener in their homes & vehicles.


Another thing about our products, is that they get better with age. We have used them successfully in our business for years and the older the product is the better it works!!


We also use packaging that is recyclable and environmentally safe.


All our products are made from natural mineral powders or plant essential oils, extracts or hydrosols. They are all registered as natural pest-control products with the State of Florida and have been given the Global Harmonizing System Approval Rating on the Material Data Sheets done by independent labs. This means they are acceptable products for sale in any country around the globe.


Our Pledge to you is that all our products are blended, hand bottled and labeled, and purchased from local Jacksonville and American companies using natural and safe ingredients combining ancient wisdom and modern technology to give you the safest, most effective and affordable products that we can.  We use packaging that is recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally safe.


Note: We do not ship to the following States: Alabama and we charge State of Florida Sales Tax.


We are working on our online store…until then…Please call us at (904) 813.3094 to Order Now.






Nature's Way All Natural BUG MAN™

For Home & Pets

BUG Man™ = $20.00


The Little Companywith the Big Green Heart.

Call us now to purchase your natural products

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Nature's Way All Natural  MOSQUITO MAN ™

Your personal spray for Mosquitoes, NO-SEE-UMS, Midges and Yellow Flies. Great for your purse, golf bag, fishing tackle box, etc.



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Product Mosquito Man Combo

MOSQUITO MAN™ is unlike any mosquito repellent you’ve ever tried. Is smells wonderful, it has a light, non-oily feel and will not stain clothing, (note: test on sensitive fabrics like raw silk in an out of the way spot). It contains NO DEET, and as a bonus it will stop the itching of insect bites, including the bites of non-insects like ticks & even chiggers. It will repel & even kill mosquitoes, no-see-ums, midges, gnats, yellow flies & horse flies. Yet it is so safe to you we are not afraid to lick it.


To Use: To repel nuisance flying insects, mist your hands with MOSQUITO MAN™ and smooth onto your hair and around your head & body. To kill nuisance flying insects, wet the insect thoroughly.


Price: MOSQUITO MAN™ is sold as a combo, which includes an 8oz. bottle with aerosol top, perfect for your purse, pocket or golf bag and 1, 32oz. bottle with a spray trigger top, which is just the right size for a camping trip for the family, your boat or RV.

BUG MAN™ For the Home & Pets This product kills and repels insects that invade your home. It will kill roaches, ants, silverfish, wasps, ticks, fleas, in fact, any insect.


To use in the home:

To kill an insect, use the stream setting and wet them thoroughly. If you are spraying a wasp nest; spray it in the late afternoon to make sure that all the foraging wasps have returned to the nest. BUG MAN™ smells wonderful, but it is extremely relent to insects.

To keep insects from harboring & foraging in your home it is important that you try to keep them out in the first place. Go around and caulk all the cracks and crevices around your doors, windows and countertops. Then, once the house is sealed up tight; use the mist setting and spray around all openings into the home, windows, doors, etc. Mist the baseboards, the corners of your cabinets, around your sinks and make sure you missed the backsplash of your kitchen where the countertop meets the wall, (insects like to forage along the edges where a vertical meets a horizontal surface.


To use on your pets:

Shake well, then using the mist setting smooth the product onto your pets’ fur to keep ticks, fleas and mosquitoes from annoying them. Especially if they go outdoors and always before taking them to a dog park, etc., where they may encounter other animals. As a bonus it will also stop a pet from itching due to insect bites. Do not spray the product on non-mammal pets such as fish, birds, lizards, snakes, etc.


bugman 1 bugman 2 bugman 3

SPYDER MAN™ kills & repels spiders and degrades their webs. Spiders are not insect, but arachnids, like their cousins the scorpions; and yes, this product will also kill scorpions. Arachnids have tougher armor and breathe differently from insects. They also only eat living insects, so they will not take-home baits designed for roaches, ants, silverfish, etc. Also, they either stay on their webs or walk on 2 little claws at the end of their long legs so they often fail to encounter most insecticides.


To use SPYDER MAN™, use the stream setting to thoroughly wet the spider. Also use the stream setting to wet down the web and watch it dissolve making it easy to wipe or wash away. Most spiders are beneficial insects, however certain kinds can be deadly, and most people don’t want them in their homes.


Note: Both products come in a large 32 oz. bottle with a spray trigger with a mist and a stream setting. The mist setting gives about 2,000 sprays, the stream setting gives about 1,000 sprays.

BUG MAN™ & SPYDER MAN™ are sold in packages of two. You may order your choice of 2 Spyder Man or 2 Bug Man or 1 of each. The price=$50.00 (includes shipping & taxes), (note: all our products are shipped securely capped with the spray trigger with/dip tubes in the box).

spyder 1 spyder 2 spyder 3

Nature's Way All Natural SPYDER MAN™

For Home & Pets

Spyder Man™ = $20.00



For Home & Pets

Earth Dust and Pet Bedding Powder™ = $15.00


Earth Dust and Pet Bedding Powder™ is our pure food grade diatomaceous earth, (DE), product. Our DE is especially ground & milled for insect control and contains less than 1% crystalline silica, which is found in the DE used to treat swimming pool filters and can cause breathing problems. DE’s mode of action is desiccation. All insects have a waxy cuticle on the outside of their bodies that prevents them from losing water. Earth Dust causes this waxy cuticle to melt and they quickly dry out & die. It is like poking a hole in a bucket of water. Our DE is so safe it is will give your pets good minerals if they lick it.


To Use in the Home: Cracks & crevices which are tiny to us are like perfect caves to insects, especially roaches like to live & breed in your home. Once these areas have been treated with Earth Dust™ they are deadly to all insects but safe for you, your family and your pets.


Earth Dust and Pet Bedding Powder™ is a great product to treat the cracks & crevices in your home. Especially the crevices in the kitchen between cabinets, the dishwasher, refrigerator and sink. Also, the backs, corners and tops of the cabinets where you keep your dishes and food and liquor cabinets. Earth Dust™ is also a great product to spread around the base of any plant pots you may have in your home. Plants, living or dead are ideal places for insects to hide & breed. (note: Roaches are attracted to fermenting, rotting, things like alcohols, meats and starches. Ants prefer cleaner things, especially sweets & oils). Silverfish & earwigs like damp, areas with organic plant matter, flower pots, under sinks with fungus, etc.)


It is also good to treat around all the openings into your home. This includes around all door’s frames, windows frames, around utility openings, under and around appliances and anywhere you think insects can crawl and hide. (note when treating around the openings to your home, make sure you take note of any areas that need caulking. Preventing insects from entering the home in the first place is vital to having bug free” home.


To use on pet bedding: Insects such as fleas and ticks tend to congregate where a pet sleeps & rests, such as the pet ‘s bed. Lightly puff Earth Dust™ onto & under your pet’s bedding and areas where your pet rests or sleeps. Gently puff lightly onto the skin, smoothing the fur or feathers as you go. Earth Dust™ is safe to ingest. Repeat as necessary to maintain a light coat.


To use the container:

Hold the bottle on its side and gently shake it until the powder is level with the nozzle.  Remove the cap and squeeze the bottle so the powder comes out in a fine mist.  Practice until you get the poof right without clumps.  If you have clumps, use a Hand Wisk broom to distribute the product evenly to increase the effectiveness.

32oz Earth Dust Powder is $20 with “Puffer” cap. NOTE: Please call for availability.

Earth1 Earth 2 Earth 3

SAVE GREEN MOSQUITO MAN PACKAGE = $160.00 includes shipping & taxes.


Package Includes:

•12, 8oz. MOSQUITO MAN


•3, 32oz. MOSQUITO MAN, (childproof cap + spray wand)

TOTAL PRICE IN STORES= ($12/ea. 8oz. x 12=$144.00, $30/ea. 32oz x 3=$90.00=$234.00.)



GINA’S SAVE GREEN HOME PEST CONTROL KIT=$175.00 includes shipping & taxes.


Package Includes:





•2, 32oz. MOSQUITO MAN



Savings: ($20/ea. BUG MAN & SPYDER MAN, EARTH DUST, $15/ea. 8oz. MOSQUITO MAN=$96.00, $30/ea., 32oz. MOSQUITO MAN=$60.00.  


Save Green





We love this product!


We don't live near the St Johns River - we live on the St Johns River. Most months out of the year, mosquitos, no-see-ums, and yellow flies can make outdoor life a nuisance. But not this year. We found Mosquito Man and it is terrific. Non-toxic and with no artificial chemicals, you just apply it to exposed skin, and immediately the flying pests are driven away. My wife and I love this product, and we use it almost every day. Our yard is ours again, no matter the time of day or year. We recommend it whole-heartedly.


B. and C. Jennings


Mosquito Man Combo = $45.00

includes shipping