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All our products are made from natural mineral powders or plant essential oils, extracts or hydrosols. They are all registered as natural pest-control products with the State of Florida, and have been given the Global Harmonizing System Approval Rating on the Material Data Sheets done by independent labs. This means they are acceptable products for sale in any country around the globe.


Note: We do not ship to the following States: Alabama

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  • 24oz. Bottles are $15 each.

  • Earth Dust and Pet Bedding Powder is $15 each.

  • Gallons are $50 each.  They provide 5 1/3 refills for the 24oz. bottles.

  • 3-4-$40 Special – Pick any 3 of our 24oz. bottles of spray and/or our Earth Dust and Pet Bedding Powder for $40.

  • Gallon and Spray $60 Combination special – Get one of our gallons of home or people spray and any one of our 24oz. sprays for $60.

  • Shipping – Handling – Tax:  We ship mostly US Post Office Flat Rate and the price ranges from $12 to $16 depending on the quality in the United States and we charge Duval County Tax of $.07 as required.  We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card.

Nature’s Way All Natural Products Costs:

Our natural pest-control products received the high Quantum Rating Analysis measurement possible from an independent lab that tests products for QRA. This result means that our products actually increase the good energy in your home every time you use it.

Natural and Affordable Products

Nature's Way All Natural Bug Spray for the Home

24oz. $15 each - Gallon Size $50 each - Combo $60

NOTE: The gallon contains 5 1/2 refills for the 24oz Bottle.

Nature's Way All Natural Bug Spray for People

24oz. $15 each - Gallon Size $50 each - Combo $60

Nature's Way All Natural Bug Spray for Dogs $15

Nature's Way All Natural Bug Spray for the Cats $15

Nature's Way All Natural Earth Dust & Pet Bedding Powder $15

Nature's Way All Natural Bus Spray for Spiders $15

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Nature's Way All Natural  MOSQUITO MAN 

8oz. $10 each. Your personal spray for Mosquitoes, NO-SEE-UMS, Midges and Yellow Flies. Great for your purse, golf bag, fishing tackle box, etc.

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All products are manufactured in the USA using American Companies and local vendors.