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Do you want a lawn that is safe for you, your family and your pets? Do you want a lawn that gets thicker and healthier each year? Do you want a lawn that is good for the planet? If you said yes to any of these questions join the hundreds of people who have a Nature’s Way lawn. We are a small company and we do not offer Natural Lawn Service in all area of Jacksonville or St Johns County. Please call 904-280-7563 with your address to see if your in one of our service areas.

  • A Lawn that is Safe for You, Your Children and Your Pets.

  • A Healthy Thick Lawn Full of Natural Energy.

  • Non-toxic Weed Control Products for All Types of Weeds.

  • Lawn and Shrubs Included.

  • Fair and Affordable Prices.

  • No Contract to Sign and No Hidden Charges.

The Little Company with the Big Green Heart.

  • Natural Fertilizers.

  • Natural Soil Builders.

  • Organically Chelated Micronutrients.

  • Eliminate Pests with Natural Proprietary Formulas.

  • EPA Registered Reduced Risk Herbicides Helps Eliminate Weeds.

  • Complete Nutrition Programs Available for Palm and Citrus Trees.

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What You Can Expect:

What We Provide:

  • MOW IT HIGH! - Regular mowing during the growing season, (Feb.-Oct.), thickens your lawn. Mow the lawn on your highest setting; the more green leaf blades you have; the more natural energy your lawn will have.

  • MOW IT DRY! - Mowing grass when it’s wet rips the leaves and compacts the soil. This will invite insects, disease and weeds into your lawn.

  • LET ‘EM LIE! - A Nature’s Way Lawn is designed to recycle grass clippings. Mulch leaves and twigs and they too will turn into natural fertilizer for your lawn.

  • HOW TO WATER - The #1 way people ruin their lawns is in summer when a sprinkler misses a spot and it gets too hot and dies even in spite of some rain. Soak your lawn deeply twice a week during the heat of the summer. (1hr. per zone). Save money on watering in winter if we have adequate rainfall.


Mowing & Watering Tips