Dear Dave:


We just wanted you to know how much your wonderful service has meant to us being able to enjoy our property. We live on a deep waterfront lot with a great deal of vegetation and we could not open the door to the outside without mosquitoes swarming into our house. We were planning to have a large screened enclosure built in the back yard, so we could enjoy the backyard.

We are no longer planning to have the screened enclosure built. We don’t need it and since your product is organic we do not have to worry about polluting the waterway behind our house.

We are very happy we have discovered your service. We would gladly recommend it to anyone. If it works here it will work anywhere!


Sincerely, Mike and Cindy Napper, Palm Valley


Dear Dave,


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for developing a natural pesticide! You have made my life much easier and free from worry from the results of chemical sprays.

After my six-month period of vertigo due to pesticides I have been too scared to expose myself to any kind of spray. I am currently on the Prior Notification List with the Dept. Of Entomology. The natural ingredients in your spray do not bother me. Also, the sprays you use kill the mosquitoes but do not affect my frog pond or my butterfly gardens.

Thank you again, Marie Rose, Jacksonville Beach



Dear Dave,


Since moving to our new house close to the marsh we couldn’t enjoy our backyard without slathering bug spray to keep from getting carried away by the “no-see-ems”, mosquitoes or yellow flies. That was until we started your service. Now after work Susie and I can sit in our big backyard and relax while we watch Madison frolic with our new puppy. The smelly bug spray is stashed somewhere in the laundry room.


Best Regards, Brad Corwin, Atlantic Beach


Dear Dave,


I just wanted to write you a note thanking you for your help with our terrible mosquito problem. They were so bad at our house that we would count to three before jumping out of the car to run into our house. And forget about trying to just walk out and get the mail. I would have to drive the car out to the mailbox.

Your service has eliminated the mosquito problem on our property. I am terrifically impressed with how well it has worked. I am also very happy that it’s organic, eliminating any concern about repeatedly using pesticide.


I highly recommend your service!  Linda Therrell Miles, Palm Valley Florida



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Product Mosquito Man Combo 2017 Mosquito Man Label Front 2017 Mosquito Man Label Back 1 EMP David Fishing

Hello, my name is David Miller, and I am “Mosquito Man” ;

(or at least one of the them). I earned the title by concentrating on the natural control of insects, especially mosquitoes for the last 40 years.

Most of my work was based on the practical application of eliminating mosquito breeding sites by the IPM method. Integrated Pest Management, which is a combination of biological, mechanical and chemical methods. I wasn’t an “ivory tower” lab type, I looked forward to going out in the field with my crews looking for mosquito breeding sites full of mosquitoes that we could eliminate safely and if possible, permanently. I would guess that I have been responsible for the demise of trillions of mosquitoes.




I wrote “Guide to Common Florida Mosquitoes” edited by Tom Lowless, former Chief of the Mosquito Control Section, Office of Entomology, Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, State of Florida.This book was written for professional entomologists to help with the identification, bionomics and medical importance of the mosquitoes of Florida.

I have experience as a Mosquito Control Director, an Entomologist III with the State of Florida, the first Biological Control editor/instructor for the Florida Mosquito Control Association and I was awarded a Medal of Merit by the World Health Organization for my team’s work on biological mosquito control.


In 1999 I started Nature’s Way Natural Pest Control Incorporated with my wife Regina McDonough. Together my wife I have developed the natural products and protocols to provide a safe, effective alternative to conventional, synthetic pest control.


With our experience we can help you with nuisance flying insects such as mosquitoes, midges, gnats, no-see-ums and yellow flies in 2 ways. We make a natural, personal insect repellant for nuisance, flying insects and we can also treat your property for nuisance, flying insects.

ZZ PIC Home & Family Magazine


Product Mosquito Man Combo 2017 Mosquito Man Label Front


• Plant your mosquitoes! Plant sweet basil, geraniums or garlic around your patio to repel mosquitoes.


•Trap them! Put a 5-gallon bucket half filled with water in a damp, shady corner. Put in ½ cup of sweet smelling dishwashing liquid like Lemon Joy. The mosquitoes will land on the water and drown.


•Gone with the wind! Blow them away! A fan in a doorway or across the patio is like a hurricane to mosquitoes.


•A walk in the park! Most mosquitoes that plague people near wooded areas lay their eggs in the soil in depressions which fill with water after rainfall events. After it rains walk through the woods in your house and look in these spots. Often you can see the mosquito larva or “wigglers” in the water. If you don’t know what they look like watch a YouTube of them in action. You can treat these areas yourself safely, (get the owner’s permission first.) Use a light mineral oil such as Bonide Larvicide Oil. It breaks the surface tension and the larva sink and drown. Tip: Add an ounce of fish oil for every gallon of larvicide oil. The smell of fish will keep mother mosquito from laying eggs again in that spot.


•Oil it! If you have a rain barrel or a bird bath add a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. It won’t hurt the birds, but it will drown the mosquito larva.


•Liar, liar, pants on fire! Remember the mosquito encased in amber in the movie Jurassic Park? That was a Toxorhychites mosquito; Tox for short. Tox mosquitoes don’t bite people or animals. They feed on plant juice, so it couldn’t have sucked up any dinosaur DNA. A Toxorhychites mosquito was chosen because it is the world’s largest mosquito.


•Dracula, smacula! So, you think count Dracula could drink some blood? When people think of mosquitoes they usually think of swamps and jungle. The worst place for mosquitoes is on the arctic tundra when the permafrost melts in the spring. That’s when the arctic mosquito, (Aedes communis), hatches by the trillions. They’re waiting for the caribou herds to arrive. When they do; some unlucky, slow animals will be covered with mosquitoes like fur and exsanguinated. That’s drained completely dry of blood by the way.


•Angel of death!  If there is someone with a disease such as dengue fever, malaria or Zitka virus and the mosquito bites them and then bites you; you can get the disease. It is estimated that mosquitoes have killed more people than all the wars in human history and still kill one person every 70 seconds!


•What are mosquitoes good for? That’s what the kids used to always ask me when I’d teach classes in schools. I wasn’t going to tell them the real answer, - which is mosquitoes are nature’s hypodermic needles used to spread deadly organisms, (especially viruses), around. Instead I’d just tell them “Yes, mosquitoes are there to make sure you kids go home at night!”




Here are what some of our customers have had to say

about our Mosquito Man product and our Natural

Outdoor Mosquito Treatment Service;

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This is Jonathan from "One Of Each Gifts" who was  one of our first retail store owner in Jacksonville Beach to carry Mosquito Man and he tells us its doing great!

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