Blue's Friend
Dogs - are man's best friend. You may get an argument from cat lovers, but my Blue
is my best friend.  She is always happy to see me, she gives me unconditional love and
trust.  How can I help but give her the best I possibly can to be sure she is comfortable
and safe.  

Cats - our feline friends cannot metabolize some botanical extracts so Nature's Way
has researched the information available from holistic verterenarians and we have come
up with a pet spray just for cats and their delicate system.

Birds - need pest control too.  They get parasites and our pet powder can eliminate the
lice & mites that plague our feathered pets. Pet Powder is especially good when they are
grooming their feathers because it is safe to eat.

Ferrets, Horses & Other Mammals in your home also need pest control to get
the parasites.
Blue always said,
"Our all natural
products are safe
for her warm
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Why a special Nature's Way All Natural Bug Spray for Cats?  Cats are not only different from dogs, they are
metabolically different from most other animals. Even many botanical extracts are too strong or even poisonous
for cats. Our Nature's Way Natural Bug Spray for Cats contains the blends most recommended by holistic
veternarians as being safe & effective for cats. Also, cat owners have told us they would use our cat spray for
perfume it smells so good. Did we mention it is safe and natural to touch, breathe and even taste?
The ingredients in our all natural pet powder for warm blooded animals is the purest, natural fossil shell powder
there is, especially milled for insect control. Pet Powder comes in 2 sizes, 6 onces $10 and 1 pound $25.  Most
important of all, it is mined and made in the USA.
Nature's Way All Natural Pet Powder is $10 & $25 plus shipping & handling
Nature's Way All Natural Bug Spray for Cats $10 plus shipping & handling
Nature's Way Bug Spray for Dogs, (and Cats), is formulated from natural plant oils and our unique blend of
propriety plant extracts proven to kill and repel insect pests such as fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes. It is a light
non-greasy spray, easy to apply and great to smell. It also really works, even against persistent, hard to repel
bugs like yellow flies and no-see-ums.