Something else that the                       makers
of Jurassic Park didn’t                       tell you is
that Tox mosquitoes are                          
"good"   mosquitoes.                                    
Tox larvae look like                                 dark,
brown dragons and                                    they
feed on other mosquito                          larvae.  
Also,anything                                     else they
can catch, I know,                           I've  raised
thousands of them.                           The adults
are large, rainbow                                 colored
veggie-eaters that feed on  plant juice.
Speaking of giant mosquitoes, here’s one
for you.  Remember the amber-encased
mosquito in the movie in Jurassic Park?
That was actually a type of mosquito that
does not feed on blood  and, therefore, could
not have provided the DNA to reproduce the
dinosaurs.  It is a Toxorhynchites mosquito,
notice the big curved proboscis. The Tox
mosquito was chosen because it is the          
worlds largest mosquito.                            
Yep, the mosquito in the  movie came from
Crane Fly - Beneficial
size and weight of a grape seed, but
shapes and sizes.  From the giant
“feather-legged gallinippers”,
that drove early Central
Florida cowpokes into a whip-
cracking frenzy, to tiny,
jewel-like monsters that drive
modern South Florida bromeliad
growers crazy.
Male mosquitoes can be identified by
their feathered antennae, which act as
their "ears", and he can only hear one
of a female mosquito of his species .  
This caused a
big problem in
a generator in
Canada. It
kept clogging
up with insects
and shutting
down. Finally
they called in an
Canadensis" mosquitoes.  They were
attracted to the whine of the fly wheel
entomologist who told them that, the
because the pitch sounded exactly like
the whine of the female's mosquitoes'
wings. They changed the weight of the
flywheel, which changed the pitch of
the whine and Bingo!  
No more mosquitoes.
The absolute worse place for mosquitoes is

That’s when the Arctic mosquito, (Aedes
Communis), hatches by the billions.  
They’re lying in waiting for the caribou
herds to arrive.  And when they do, some
unlucky, or slow animals will actually be
covered like fur and  exsanguinated.  And
by the way...that means completely
drained of blood.
the swamps surrounding ancient Rome.
Over the centuries, Roman citizens became
immune to the disease, while hordes of
Vandals, Huns, Visigoths, Ostragoths or
whatever else you Goths, attacking the
walls of Rome, died off in droves.  However,
when the Romans sent an army of 80,000
to conquer the Scots, their legions were cut
in half by a particularly deadly form of
Scottish malaria.
By the way, that big,
skinny thing you see in the
corner flying in a looping
circle?  That’s a Crane Fly
not a giant mosquito.  They
feed on mold not people.  
Very beneficial...
Please leave it alone.
Mosquitoes could be called
the “Angels of Death”.,
because they have probably
killed more people than all
the wars since the
beginning of history.  This
also includes the Great
Plagues of Central Asia and
Medieval Europe in the 13th
and 15th Centuries that
killed hundreds of millions
of people.  Mosquito-
vectored diseases still kill
one person every 70
seconds around the clock  
around the globe.   
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his back in the long grass fixing an obstinate trailer hitch and the mosquitoes were eating
him alive."Have your fun now girls" he muttered under his breath, "You have no idea
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